Member Groups! 

In Watch The World Burn, there are five member groups: paranormals, powers, mutants, professors, and mortals. Here’s a little bit about each of them!

Paranormals: The “paranormals” are not human and they have a respective “species” of their own. The students and professors are creatures of a different kind of race; they are the vampires, werewolves, aliens, demons, and etc. They come from long lines of their species since vampires can only produce vampires, and so on. These tend to be the most dangerous, in terms of fatalities, since they’re able to hurt others easily, even if they are unwilling. The paranormals reside within their respective wing and the head lives in Harris Tower.

Powers: The “powers” take up the majority of the population at USN: they are mutated humans with powers that are non-visible, and as such are able to blend in among mortals should they wish to— and should they have enough control over their abilities. Since there is a large variety of possible powers, students are usually given more training to build up their control and there are many more specialized classes for them. The powers rsde within their respective wing and the head lives in the Gerety Building.

Mutants: The “mutants” are not much different from the powers but their abilities are purely physical, and as such they are visibly mutated. There are few other places for this type of superhuman to go, because they cannot hide that they are not ordinary human beings: this includes people with an anthropomorphic mixture of animal and human, and other more specific mutations. The mutants reside within their respective wing and the head lives in Darwin Hall.

Professors: The professors are often ex-students of USN and can fall under any of the above categories in terms of their powers: because they have attained mastery over their own abilities, they are trusted to positions of authority. As with all universities, the professors come in all shapes, sizes and levels of teaching skill. Some of them demand respect; others are a little more open to professional levels of friendship with their students.

Mortals: The mortals are the only ones without abilities. They have been blocked away from the world of supernaturals for hundreds of years. When they stumble upon Lindbury, their reactions are many and varied. Mortals are incapable of ever possessing these talents and abilities, but have instead been allowed lives of existing in the outside world and experiencing many things the locals of Lindbury have not and cannot. However, it would seem that they are no longer allowed those things, as since their arrival they have been trapped in the city of superhumans, not allowed to leave in case they spill their secrets.

Opening date! 

We’ve agreed to open on April 19! That’s next Friday! We’re so excited! Anticipate it! And we’ll be posting the member groups information soon~

Watch The World Burn Plot 

In the small and isolated upstate New York university town of Lindbury, the students and professors are capable of supernatural abilities. At the University of Supernaturals (USN), students are admitted by invitation only and even then, they still have to go through an extensive application process to before they’re let into the highly prestigious school. Once accepted, students are divided into different wings of the main residence on campus, Rexford Hall. Each wing is for the three types of students: the superhumans, the powers, and the mutants.

Each wing is headed by a certain professor and participates in specialized activities meant to train and advance students’ abilities. Within the school, the six oldest USN alumni families are mingled among the different groups. They essentially “rule the school” and are looked upon to be the role models and influences for the student body. The USN faculty are lenient towards these students’ amount of power due to their background while maintaining a substantial amount for themselves as well. 

Since the school is composed of people with supernatural powers, the university and town have been hidden away. In a college town, there’s opportunities to eat, hang, and have fun. Fortunately, the townspeople are also of supernatural birth and they use their abilities to protect Lindbury from the dangers of the outside world and they’ve been hiding for hundreds of years. They’ve been successful and life continues on as always.

Everything is at peace and the students partake in a seemingly normal college life: studying at the library, hanging out with friends, going on dates. But when mortals, the very thing that they’ve been fearing and hiding from for years, turn up at their school and decide to stay, chaos ensues.

Anonymous said:  OOHHHHH interesting plot. Three questions though. 1. When can we have reservations? 2. Can a beginner join if that's possible? because I have been roleplaying like 3 months only and my writing skills are a bit rough, and 3. When are you guys gonna open? :3 THANKS :)

Hello! I have answers for you!

1. We’re all done with the rules, plot, apps, claims, and canon list! I think we’ll be posting some within the next few days or so. We were thinking about not having reservations through tumblr, but we’ll have to talk about it more so I’ll keep you updated on that. :)

2. Of course you can join! Newbies are definitely cool and we welcome you with open arms! I (Vienna) have been roleplaying for six years and I can completely understand where you’re coming from. There’s no word count on WTWB so it’s fine if you write a simple paragraph or 5!

3. As I said before, we have everything done. We’re brushing up on a few things and our three admins (me, Marilyn, and Willow) are in the process of creating our characters. Well, maybe not Marilyn because she’s on temp leave for college stuff. Other than that, we’re well on our way!

sometimes you just have to watch the world burn and hope you get burned with it.

sometimes you just have to watch the world burn and hope you get burned with it.